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Trust me..I see everything

i have many eyes

Ready or not....here i am.
out-classed and outlawed
24 hr drive-thrus, animals, awesome presents, bands, bayside, being employed, berry berry kix, binders, blue, bowling, bte, cake, carnival rides, cheese, chinese food, chocolate cups, chords, coasters, coasting, coloring books and crayons, cool spring nights, cotton candy, counting crows, dance, dark angel, destin, dido, diet peach iced tea, disney channel, disney movies, disposable cams, diving, dr. mario, dried flowers, dvds, fast cars, fishing, flat driveways, fleece blankets, food comas, french fries, fun coworkers, fun quotes, getting tipsy, gg, girls nights outs, good movies, good music, good surprises, good times, having sisters, highlighters, hills, hoebags, hoodies, howie day, ice cream, indian food, inherently good people, jumping in puddles, kickle cubicle, laughter, librarian things, librarything, long islands, long showers, long stretches of highways, lyrics, magic, making collages, malibu, matsumoto shave ice, memories, micromachines, mountain dew, movies, muses, music, nail polish, new experiences, new friends, nines, noggin, non-whole&grainified cereal, office supplies, old friends, online quizzes and surveys, opinions, opposable thumbs, overduecomics, petting zoos, pictures, pie, piers, posts, pretending to be cool, pretty in pink, profanity, public television programming, putt-putt, receiving snail mail, reliving old memories, rfr, rise, rooney, rooting for the underdog, scrapbooks, sega, singing in the shower, sisters, sitar, sketch and color, skittles, smiles, smirnoff green apple, snowboarding, sobe, soft t-shirts, some music videos, spider solitaire, spoons, stampers and ink pads, straight hair, stringed instruments, style, sunsets, superpowers, surfing, tabla, taco bell, tap/hip-hop classes, technology, tetris, text messages, the cranberries, the emily, the goonies, the rachel, tie-dye, tiger, unshelved, vanilla, veronica mars, very few indian people, walking dentures, warmth from the sun, well-written story plots, white-out, work